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    Here you can learn about our Royal family, our membership structure, and become a valued member.

    Now is the time for you to get involved with and become a member of The British Monarchist Society and Foundation – the premier monarchist organisation of the United Kingdom. We have many advanced and money saving features affiliated with our membership which you can take advantage of as a new and valued member. Because of visitors like you and returning members alike, we are a movement which is growing in name, growing in influence and welcoming many new members and patrons alike into the cause to “Support Tradition, Promote Heritage, Defend the Crown and Embrace Charity”. With a members magazine, events, shop, special discounts around the nation’s capital and many other benefits, the BMSF has something for everyone. The British Monarchist Society and Foundation provides a heavy emphasis on education where the Crown in a modern 21st century British state is concerned. Please explore the pages of this website and all it has to offer. We hope that you will return time and time again – to use this compilation of Royal information as an educational tool for you and your children. We know you will find value in our website and further hope to welcome you as our newest member. God Save The Queen!

    The British Monarchist brand has three distinct realms of operation: the Charity, the Company and the Society. The charity has a strong emphasis on education, which includes working with individuals, organisations and the government to promote, foster and expand further education about the Crown and its Constitutional roles/functions within our modern Parliamentary Democracy. In subscribing to this mentality we are collectively able to make a great contribution to the lasting legacy of the Monarchy itself on behalf of the people of this great nation, through funding educational programmes and related projects. In our desire to further promote the work of the Crown, the British Monarchist Socity and Foundation has been conceived and launched to help meet the needs of growing British and international charities which matter to the people of not only the United Kingdom, but the world.

    You can become involved in making a difference for Crown and Country by becoming a member of the British Monarchist Society and Foundation. In launching the Foundation, we have devised four new levels of membership which are available through the British Monarchist Society, which makes membership affordable and attractive to all financial positions. Each tier of membership allows supporters to choose their level of interaction with the British Monarchist brand, based on the tier of membership they purchase.


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